New lamp-free, maintenance-free projectors

Optoma has introduced its all-new EcoBright line of lamp-free, maintenance-free projectors. Both the EcoBright ZW210ST (WXGA resolution) and EcoBright X210ST (XGA resolution) offer the new Solid State Illumination (SSI) technology that delivers increased life while eliminating the need for expensive replacement parts and service. The EcoBright ZW210ST will sell for $1,499, while the EcoBright ZX210ST will sell for $1,399. Both projectors have a classroom-friendly short throw design and will be available to schools for evaluation in March.

Designed for heavy use in classrooms and boardrooms, the EcoBright ZW210ST and the EcoBright ZX210ST employ
Optoma’s SSI technology that incorporates both LEDs and lasers to deliver high-lumen output and color reproduction, while reducing power consumption and waste. Both new Optoma short throw projectors deliver 2000 LED lumen brightness with a contrast ratio of 80,000:1. Optoma’s new SSI light engine eliminates the need for replacement lamps, which reduces the manpower needed for maintenance.

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