When good websites go bad

Barracuda Networks Inc. today released findings from Barracuda Labs’ most recent study, Good Websites Gone Bad. The study analyzes the world’s top 25,000 websites, according to Alexa, to identify compromises and risks to consumers online. During the one-month study, February 2012, the team identified a number of exploited websites, exposing more than 10 million users to drive-by downloads and other risks.

Additional highlights include:

  • Each day two of the top 25,000 domains serve malicious content.
  • The top-ranked domains served malicious content 23 of the days in February.
  • The top-ranked domains that served malicious content spanned 18 different countries.
  • Over 97 percent of sites that served malicious content were at least one year old; over half were on sites more than five years old.