Destiny 10.1 Released

Follett Software Company released Destiny 10.1 this week, with new features such as the following:

  • Integration with Titlewave, which gives customers an easy way to order new materials from Follett and to import MARC records into Destiny.
  • Direct integration with Aspen: Aspen gives districts the opportunity to house all of their student data, report on it, analyze it and use it fully.
  • Better eBook reading experience for students: Direct integration between Destiny and FollettShelf lets students browse their library’s Follett eBook collection, check out using the free Digital Reader app and read their Follett eBooks from their own tablet devices or personal computers.
  • New social media features: Students can now post or share links to items in Destiny to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Complete a search of your district’s assets in record time: Advanced searching capability in Destiny Asset Manager 10.1 allows customers to expand their search criteria for assets by department, home location, funding source, custodians and purchase price.

Existing Destiny customers with current technical support are entitled to the 10.1 upgrade at no additional cost.