MultiClient offerings add USB, Ethernet connectivity

ViewSonic Corp. is expanding its MultiClient computing offerings today with the addition of greater connectivity options with its VMA15 and VMA25 MultiClient Adapters, along with software support for either Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011 or Microsoft MultiPoint WMS2011.

With this scalable solution, users can simultaneously power up to 20 high performance independent user stations (with monitors, mice and keyboards) from one host server. Today, ViewSonic adds the availability of two new zero client plug-and-play adapters. The VMA15 enables customers to connect multiple computer stations to a single host computer directly over USB (for a close-proximity, "one room" solution with up to 10 users per server) while the LAN-based VMA25 connects up to 20 stations throughout a building to a single PC in the server room via the Ethernet. Both energy-efficient adapters include four USB ports enabling the connection of multiple peripherals.