Amplifier switches between one or four inputs

Contemporary Research introduces the QDA4-45, a digital combiner/amplifier that can switch between one or four inputs, with adjustable 0-30 dBmV gain for up to 45 dBmV level output.

Designed for QMOD HDTV modulator applications, the QDA4-45 can receive an RF feed from one to four QMOD modulators or QCA9-33 Active Combiners.

A front-panel LED display shows the amount of RF gain selected when level is changed and when the combiner is activated. The RF noise factor will be necessarily higher than the QCA9-33 Active Combiners, but far lower than typical RF launch amplifiers. The compact amplifier can be mounted two-across in one rack space, mixed with QMOD modulators and QCA9-33 active combiners.