Gamedesk partners with AT&T to expand learning technology

GameDesk, a Los-Angeles-based nonprofit, will team up with AT&T to make its learning tools and technologies widely available to parents, students and educators. The institute reaches students by embedding academic content and assessment into fun and interactive digital games and simulations. With AT&T’s support, GameDesk plans to take its model nationwide

Learning Lab and Nationwide Online Portal Set to Launch Next Year

AT&T is contributing $3.8 million to expand GameDesk’s reach to parents, students and educators nationwide through two new initiatives:

  • A living, learning laboratory that will include a "classroom of the future” learning environment to test and evaluate the products. New digital tools and technologies will be developed, and resources developed by others will be evaluated and aligned with academic standards.
  • Free access to an online portal featuring a library of digital learning content, as well as content support for teaching and classroom integration.