Companies Partner to Serve Special Education Students

Curriculum Associates, LLC, and PCI Education have aligned two of Curriculum Associates’ leading BRIGANCE® assessments with the PCI Reading Program to help special education teachers integrate developmentally appropriate reading curriculum with personalized, differentiated instruction for each student in the classroom.

The assessments in the BRIGANCE® Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (CIBS II) Reading/ELA and CIBS II Standardized help special education teachers determine each student’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP). Assessment results can then be aligned to the systematic progression of learning within the PCI Reading Program by level and skill area.

Using the jointly created BRIGANCE® • PCI Reading Program Placement Guide, teachers can optimize reading instruction and increase reading skill retention for their students by establishing reading goals and selecting appropriate lessons for instruction, in addition to monitoring student progress in key reading skills.