ISTE 2012 NEWS: "Share My Lesson" Online Teacher Resource to Demo

The American Federation of Teachers, with Britain’s TES Connect, today unveiled “Share My Lesson,” an online community for U.S. teachers to collaborate and share teaching resources and innovative ideas, with an emphasis on resources to guide teachers on implementing the new Common Core State Standards.

Share My Lesson is free to use and offers a system that categorizes resources by grade level, subject and type of resource, such as a video or handout.

Users can upload their own resources, review and rate resources on the site, and download anything at no charge. The user-generated content will be supplemented by tens of thousands of resources from hundreds of content partners, including Sesame Street, Oxfam, Green TV and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Advice, guidance and dedicated resources to support the Common Core State Standards will be provided.

On June 24th, Share My Lesson will be demonstrated at ISTE.