Mobile Device Management Made Exclusively for K12

In response to the increase of mobile devices being used in schools, Lightspeed Systems announces the release of the Lightspeed Mobile Device Management, which allows IT staff to manage mobile devices throughout the district.

The solution includes:

  • User-friendly interface with multiples levels of administration
  • Hierarchical controls, giving districts the ability to set policies at the district, school, classroom, and device level
  • Centralized management of device inventory, reporting, updates, and installs-simplifying the day-to-day tasks of the IT staff
  • Remote configuration and device wiping to make certain the safety of the network and student are never compromised
  • Integration with the Apple Volume Purchasing Plan
  • Application deployment and device lockdown-able to be managed by both teachers and IT through My Big Campus
  • Interface made specifically for K12

Integrated with the Lightspeed Mobile Filter and My Big Campus, the Lightspeed Mobile Device Management solution makes mobile learning safe while providing students with access to educational resources and collaboration and providing teachers with the ability to easily integrate devices into their lessons.

The full solution will be available to schools this summer; for the latest development information and to request entry into the beta program opening today, visit