ISTE 2012 NEWS: LCD eWriter Software Upgrades

Improv Electronics announced today that the Boogie Board Rip Virtual Desktop Companion 2.0 (VDC) upgrade will be released in August 2012. The Virtual Desktop Companion is free downloadable PC software that adds functionality to the Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter.

The upgrade includes several new features to enhance Boogie Board Rip eWriter use in education and office environments. These include integration with Evernote file management and note-taking software and a virtual whiteboard mode that allows the image on a Boogie Board Rip eWriter to be viewed in real-time on a PC in full screen as it’s created.

The Evernote software integration will allow VDC software users to instantly store, save and manage files created on the Boogie Board Rip eWriter within the Evernote cloud, add tags to files and folders for easy sorting and searching, and access their saved Boogie Board Rip content from any device synced with Evernote (e.g., smartphone) for quick viewing.

The virtual whiteboard mode displays the Boogie Board eWriter’s writing surface in real-time onto a PC monitor or projector. The written or drawn image is black on a white background. Images viewed in virtual whiteboard mode can be saved directly to the host PC or e-mailed with the click of a button.

Early this fall, all Boogie Board Rip eWriters will ship with a 30-day free trial of MyScript handwriting recognition software.