ISTE 2012 NEWS: M.E. with Concentration in Digital Teaching Offered

American College of Education has announced it is offering a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a Concentration in Digital Learning & Teaching.

The four courses that comprise the Concentration in Digital Learning and Teaching are:

  • The Digital Learner examines the impact of technology on learning as well as how today's student navigates a media-rich world.
  • The Digital Teacher uses a project-based approach in studying technology in education, best practices for classroom teachers, and strategies for professional development in light of emerging technologies.
  • Instructional Models for Digital Learning draws from multiple disciplines to explore design and strategies for computer- and web-based learning.
  • Digital Content for Learning addresses development of instructional and learning materials utilizing computer- and web-based technology.

The online institution provides a number of other technology-oriented courses and programs for its graduate-level students, who are teachers and other educators in the United States and several foreign countries.