ISTE 2012 NEWS: Wi-Fi-based Learning Management Solution Announced

Meru Networks, Inc. has announced a partnership with LanSchool, a provider of classroom management and monitoring software, to deliver a Wi-Fi based uninterrupted learning management solution for classroom, school, campus or district-wide deployments.

By partnering, Meru and LanSchool reduce several common barriers to the implementation of the digital classroom:

  • Simplify mobile device connectivity and Wi-Fi network operations using Meru’s single-channel, virtualized network architecture.
  • Teachers will be able to detect and deter common distractions such as Web surfing, games and instant messaging during class time, with real-time monitoring capabilities from LanSchool.
  • Students will be able to collaborate with their peers and connect directly with their teachers with screen-sharing, chat and mobility solutions from both vendors.