Cyberbully Hotline Announces Partnership With Web Wise Kids

SchoolReach, developers of the CyberBully Hotline,announced that it has entered into a partnership with Web Wise Kids (WWK), provider of game-based resources to help young people use mobile and social media technologies.

The collaboration includes the cross promotion of WWK’s interactive digital citizenship role-playing games to CyberBully Hotline users and the promotion of the CyberBully Hotline to WWK’s user base. WWK’s games “It’s Your Call,” and “Be Seen,” teaches students responsible online behavior and how to use social media technology safely. The program gives schools or districts grade-level Internet safety training to meet Child Internet Protection Act certification requirements.

The CyberBully Hotline solution provides a two-way communications tool that allows students to send text messages -- or leave a voicemail -- anonymously with school officials.