Houghton Mifflin and Kno introduce digital, interactive textbooks for K-12

Kno today announced that the company is entering the K-12 education market through a new partnership agreement with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [HMH]. Previously only available to college students, Kno will offer interactive K-12 textbooks for the iPad, the Web, Android and Windows 7.

Parents can now rent digital textbooks for their children, including subjects aligned with Common Core standards, for a one-year rental rate of $9.99 or less per book.

The Kno digital textbook app is available today for the iPad and Web and will be available for Android tablets and Windows 7 in time for back to school.

Interactive features include:

  • A digital Journal that automatically saves a student’s notes and highlights them in a study notebook.
  • Automatic Flash Cards of key terms in a book.
  • 3D models that bring difficult chemistry concepts to life.
  • Quiz Me feature, which automatically turns any diagram in a book into a multiple choice quiz for self-quizzing before tests.
  • SmartLinks that deliver instructional videos, images, and photos to formulas and concepts in a textbook in real-time.