Wowzers® launches mobile version

Online learning developer Wowzers® today launched a mobile version of its flagship program, along with expanded features and curriculum.

Featuring a full classroom management system, a complete third through fifth-grade Common Core curriculum, as well as a supplemental sixth through eighth-grade curriculum, the newest version of Wowzers is now supported on any mobile device, including iOS and Android platforms.

Features include:

  • Artificial intelligence that enables students to receive a ³nudge² if they need a hint
  • A whiteboard remediation lesson when nudges don¹t provide the appropriate depth.
  • The ability to adjust questions based on a student's performance
  • Recognizes if a student needs additional help, and if so, will prescribe a new set of learning objects.

Available now, Wowzers costs about $25 per student or $7,000 per school.