Free project-based algebra course launched

Curriki, the K-12 global community for creating, sharing, and finding open learning resources, today launched its free Algebra 1 course, which addresses each of the Algebra 1 Common Core State Standards. Available online, the project-based modular course offers real-world examples, projects, interactive web 2.0 tools, videos and targeted feedback. Developed with funding from AT&T, Curriki Algebra 1 can be used as a supplement, as the foundation for students’ Algebra 1 curriculum, in an after-school program, or in a homeschool environment.

Project Based Learning (PBL) gives students real-world opportunities to think analytically, formulate ideas, and solve increasingly complex problems using algebraic expressions. The Curriki Algebra course incorporates relatable themes and concepts, such as sports statistics, video games, business finance, and the Olympics, while weaving assessments throughout.