Tech Forum Texas: A Closer Look at the Day's Breakout Sessions

Tech Forum Texas: A Closer Look at the Day's Breakout Sessions

Wondering what education experts will discuss at Tech Forum Texas on November 8? In addition to the keynote from Adam Bellow, founder of and, the breakout sessions are a key component of this information-packed day. Geared especially to administrators, mentor teachers and other education technology leaders, these sessions offer an in-depth look at some of the hottest topics affecting the K-12 ed tech community. Here's a glimpse at the planned breakouts:

App-tivities in the Classroom: Join us as we discuss how iPads are managed in the classroom, which apps are proving most educational, and how teachers are developing iLessons that engage students and inspire them to succeed.

Tools for Education Professionals: Looking for the tools for planning, communicating, and building your own learning community? Our panelists will share their favorite productivity tools for teachers and administrators and invite you to do the same.

Policies and Procedures for 1:1 and BYO: We've asked three districts to talk about their mobile technology programs, explaining how and why they've chosen the course they've chosen and responding to a series of questions concerning equity, policy-setting and technical challenges.

Educating Digital Citizens: We live in a digital world – one with exciting potential as well as worrisome challenges. This session looks at approaches to teaching students and parents about safe and ethical uses of social media and other online tools.


Great Tools for Kids and Schools: Adam Bellow and Gail Lovely will lead a fast-paced smackdown of Web 2.0 tools and mobile apps that "rock the classroom." You'll leave this session with oodles of great options for classroom use in your own school or district.

Participatory Media in the Classroom
: Wikis, blogs, Twitter and other social media tools can be powerful building blocks for an "architecture of participation." Our presenters will share tips on creating participatory learning environments in which students take part in important conversations and build networks of understanding.

Professional Learning Revisited: Effective and ongoing professional development is crucial to the success of any educational endeavor but how do you keep it exciting and fresh? We'll look at ways of ensuring that your PD efforts are meaningful, with plenty of options for do-it-yourself professional learning and homegrown networking.

Nurturing Innovation and ChangeAdministrators from two forward-thinking districts will offer advice on rethinking schooling from the ground up, with support from technology, and engage you in dialog about supporting "culture shift" in your own districts.

To see the day's agenda, click here.