Lightspeed Systems updates web flter to support proxy option

Today Lightspeed Systems announced an update to its web filtering solution that will provide support for a proxy option.

With Apple Inc.'s global proxy support option in iOS 6, schools will be able to define a proxy server to which user web browsing requests are routed. And with the update to the Lightspeed Systems web filter, schools can specify the Lightspeed Systems Rocket appliance as the proxy server to which requests are routed. With this, filtered access, CIPA compliance, appropriate browsing, and monitoring can be enforced.

The new feature eliminates the need for the Lightspeed Systems iOS Mobile Browser application, which was a replacement to be used in lieu of Safari. Now, users can use native apps, including Safari, and still receive the granular Lightspeed Systems filtering and reporting.

The new setting will be available with the next update of the Lightspeed Systems web filter on September 15, 2012.