K12 Web 2.0 preliminary report released

Preliminary results of a new research report – A Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking, Online Communities, and Web 2.0 Tools 2012 – have been released. The survey was conducted by MMS Education and sponsored by edWeb.net and MCH Strategic Data.

The new research updates and expands upon a previous study conducted in 2009, and shows that educators have increased their adoption of social media tools for personal use and professional collaboration. In 2009, 62% of educators who responded said they had joined a social network compared to 82% in 2012 – a 32% increase.

The study delves into detail about the sites educators have joined, how frequently they use them, how they use them, and the value and concerns around using social networking in education. The 2012 study asks new questions about the use of mobile devices, Internet bandwidth and school/district access policies for students and teachers.

The final report will be published in November. To request a copy, email info@mmseducation.com or survey@edweb.net.