Study: School funding sources may be untapped

In 2009, Digital Wish launched the School Modernization Initiative, a one-computer-per-child initiative in 28 schools. The A. D. Henderson Foundation commissioned Digital Wish to study how schools are sustaining their technology initiatives. The research was expanded with a nationwide survey and 27 administrative leaders were interviewed. The most successful schools develop multiple sources of revenue, trigger strong community engagement, and prioritize daily support and training for teachers.

Data from the Survey: 242 educators responded to the anonymous nationwide survey providing an interesting snapshot of how participants are funding their programs. While 88% of respondents reported that technology budgets are one of their largest sources of funding, many other viable sources of funding may be going un-realized by the majority of respondents. For example:

  • Nearly half (46%) have not used other budget line items for technology.
  • 55% of respondents' schools have not applied for any grants.
  • 43% reported they do not do any fundraising.
  • 66% do not use student mentors who could support the technology program.
  • Over 1/3 say they do not receive donations from outside organizations.

Download the Complete Study Here: