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App authoring software introduces pro version

Allen Interactions Inc., an custom learning design, development and strategic consulting firm, today introduces ZebraZapps Pro, a premium version of its cloud-based e-learning authoring and publishing system.

ZebraZapps Pro offers flexibility to create an unlimited number of dynamic onscreen “events,” which can range from image and text delivery to full fledged interactive simulations. Features include:

  • Dynamic Branching and Master Pages: Create e-learning applications with adaptive sequences and on-screen actions that are triggered by learners’ actions and choices.
  • New Templates: Dozens of new customizable templates provide quick starting points for projects.
  • Event Flow: Quickly flip between master pages and events and view any two pages side-by-side.
  • Enhanced Project Message Center and Project Properties: Sequence events with smooth transitions. Maintain user data across all events and trigger individualized experiences based on performance.
  • Branding: Hours of dynamic interactive events can be created in a single app and built into reusable customized templates and gadgets for consistency, such as to carry an organization’s branding.
  • Integration: Tie into a SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS) or to a TinCan Learning Record Store (LRS).
  • Sharing: ZebraZapps presentations can be shared via email or published for sale via the ZappShopp and GadgetShopp located on the ZebraZapps website.
  • Private Publishing: Confidential projects can be published to a private guest list and played exclusively by invited individuals.

ZebraZapps Pro is available for $39.95 per month, while ZebraZapps Creator remains available for $8.95 per month. For additional information, visit