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Web-based assessment solution for higher education to debut this year

eInstruction, a global education software and technology company, announces its plan to release Wave, a centralized, online solution for higher education. Wave facilitates summative and formative assessment with the use of student response devices such as clickers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Wave will be capable of integrating with Blackboard or Moodle environments, with additional LMS platforms planned for 2013.

Instructors may use LMS content, tag their own lesson content, and launch impromptu assessment questions with the Wave software. Students use eInstruction clickers or download the vPad app for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android device, or laptop, to answer true-false, multiple-choice, multiple-select, or short-answer questions.

Wave will be available in Q1 2013 in the United States and Canada.