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FETC 2013 News: Wowzers® showcases mobile version, added content and features

Online learning developer Wowzers® will showcase its mobile version, and added content and features at booth #1412 during FETC 2013, in Orlando, Fla.

The new program constantly assesses students’ responses in order to individualize the student’s learning plan in real time, with features including:

  • Artificial intelligence that enables students to receive a “nudge” if they need a hint
  • A whiteboard remediation lesson to provide a deeper level of remediation
  • The ability to adjust questions based on a student's performance
  • Will prescribe a new set of learning objects if a student needs additional help

At about $25 per student or $7,000 per school, Wowzers provides 33 weeks of hosted content and unlimited access for students and teachers.