New interactive table offers accessible learning

SMART Technologies Inc. introduces its newest SMART Table® 442i collaborative learning center, which features a 360 degree, multitouch surface with a 106.68 cm (42") high-definition 1080p LCD display. The SMART Table enables up to eight students to interact simultaneously.Features include:

  • Simultaneous multitouch capability – Enables eight students to collaborate on lessons at the same time. It also supports touch gestures such as rotate, toss and zoom.
  • Extensive content and resources – Over 1,500 ready-made activity packs are free to download from the SMART Exchange website. Educators can create new activities using the SMART Table Toolkit and import content into SMART Notebook files.
  • High-definition display – 106.68 cm (42"), LCD, 1080p display with no shadows and virtually no glare.
  • Rugged design – Sturdy pedestal that is virtually untippable and can support 200lbs on its scratch- and spill-proof surface.
  • SMART product integration –SMART Sync software is included and enables educators to share SMART Table content on a SMART Board interactive display. Educators also have the ability to connect a SMART Document Camera to capture and display images and video.
  • Built-in sound – Includes four headphone jacks and table speakers with individual volume control.
  • Easy setup – Can go from the box to being in use in 30 minutes.
  • Mobile design – Designed to fit through standard doorways. Optional casters are available.
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) friendly – Can accommodate students with special needs and provide multiple ways for learners to interact with lesson content and express understanding.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi – Enables educators to connect directly to SMART Exchange or their learning authority's (district's) network.

The suggested education list price for the SMART Table 442i collaborative learning center is GPB£4,875 in the United Kingdom, and US$7,749 in the United States, which includes one year of software maintenance (updates, upgrades, live support). The SMART Table is expected to begin shipping globally in Q2 2013. For purchasing information, specifications and a list of authorized SMART resellers, visit

For more information, watch this video and view these images of the SMART Table 442i collaborative learning center.