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Free, for-credit online education offered

World Education University (WEU), a tuition-free, online higher education institution, now offers free, for-credit, on-demand education to learners worldwide.
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WorldEducationUniversity(WEU), atuition-free,onlinehighereducation institution, now offers free, for-credit, on-demand education to learners worldwide.

WEU will launch as a “MOOC 2.0” offering Free Education On-Demand, offering a diverse, in-house PhD faculty, multiple departments and the opportunity to earn higher education degrees. WEU offers courses that will be delivered in an open enrollment format through supported, independent study with ongoing guidance from professors.

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Atomic Learning has seen high demand for tutorials on Blackboard 8, and now offers more than 58 brief video lessons on managing, presenting, and analyzing assignments, creating conversation between students, and sharing information among other educators.

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Atomic Learning announces a new collaboration with IT4Educators to provide online graduate continuing education courses created and conducted by experienced teachers. Each standards based tech integration course incorporates training from Atomic Learning for teachers seeking continuing education credits for license