Tales2Go Desktop Player Now Includes Accelerated Reader Metadata

Tales2Go Inc., provider of streaming audiobooks for schools, announces its desktop player will now include AR™ Point and ATOS™ Levels by Accelerated Reader. Tales2Go’s iOS app will get the same upgrade in the coming weeks.

Accelerated Reader, from Renaissance Learning, provides quantitative measures of a book title, based on a book’s average sentence length, word length, vocabulary grade level as well as the number of words it contains. The formula is tied directly to the Common Core ELA requirements, providing educators and parents with benchmarks on individual titles, allowing them to select increasingly more sophisticated literature for their learners. Like the state ELA standards that preceded them, the Common Core describe the

For more information, visit: www.renlearn.com. For a free trial and more information on Tales2Go, visit: www.tales2go.com