Promethean and Microsoft Form Alliance

A new suite of solutions under development by two global companies Microsoft and Promethean aims to provide a collaborative classroom-based learning environment. The two companies will develop a suite of Windows 8 and Windows RT applications, giving educators the ability to use collaborative, interactive and real-time assessment technology to personalize learning.

Under the agreement the two companies plan to:

  • Develop Windows 8 and Windows RT apps for collaborative, multi-user, multi-touch for the ActivTable.
  • Create ActivEngage for Windows 8. Currently available for laptops, tablets and mobile devices, ActivEngage is used to gather feedback in real-time, which is assessed and analyzed and then used by educators to personalize learning.
  • Establish Content Development Centers of Excellence. These centers would be created in collaboration with innovation centers at select universities and will focus on developing ActivTable Windows 8 apps and digital content conversion for higher education and K-12.
  • Develop interactive tools for Office 365. These tools expand the white boarding, polling and imbedding of interactive objects into Office 365.

Promethean at Bett 2013: Day Three from Promethean on Vimeo.