Companies partner to provide strong security for enterprise BYOD

ForeScout Technologies, Inc. and MobileIrontoday announced that they are partnering to deliver a multi-layered security system for Enterprise BYOD. The integration of the MobileIron platform with ForeScout CounterACT gives customers unified visibility and comprehensive control across mobile devices, users, applications, data and network attributes.

Features of the system include:

  • Security automation to detect unmanaged devices, such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices, attempting to connect to the corporate network in real-time
  • The means to automate a variety of network and device-based controls such as allow, block/quarantine, limit, enroll as guest, segregate and initiate device compliance inspection
  • On-boarding workflow of MobileIron’s MDM agent on unmanaged devices through a simple self-enrollment process
  • Detection of jail-broken and rooted devices and the ability to block or limit network access until remediated
  • Real-time mobile device compliance re-assessment whenever a mobile device tries to connect to an enterprise WiFi network
  • Over-the-air device configuration and corporate app catalog management to instantly provision access to corporate email, WiFi, VPN and enterprise recommended and required applications
  • Enforcement of passcode policies and strong encryption keys to protect sensitive data on mobile devices
  • Mobile application blacklisting, minimum OS level verification and device feature restrictions
  • The ability to remotely locate, lock and fully or selectively wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Compliance rules engine, enforced upon admission to the corporate network and continuously while connected, tested at the device and network level, with automated remediation
  • Unified visibility, control and compliance reporting for all mobile endpoint devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets and laptops through the ForeScout CounterACT platform

The price of the ForeScout Mobile integration module starts at about $28 per device, with volume discounts available. The integration will be available in March.