i>clicker Integrates With Sapling Learning

i>clicker today announced the release of i>clicker and i>grader version 6.2.4.

The latest version of the i>clicker software gives instructors the capability of exporting scores in a file specifically formatted for Sapling Learning, provider of interactive homework and learning software in science, economics and other STEM disciplines. Instructors can now consolidate their gradebooks across systems including Sapling Learning.

Additional enhancements for i>clicker and i>grader v6.2.4 include:

● Improved performance and stability with web>clicker
● Simplified messaging when polling is stopped with web>clicker
● Improved clarity of Results Chart when no votes were submitted for the correct answer

● Export scores formatted for Sapling Learning
● Updated Moodle export to be compatible with Moodle v2.3 grade book configurations

The new software update, i>clicker v6.2.4, is now available for download at http://www1.iclicker.com/audience-response-system-downloads.