Teachers tackle reading comprehension with free curriculum

More than 300,000 teachers serving six million students are using ReadWorks, a research-based, Common Core-aligned free reading comprehension program for grades K-6.
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More than 300,000 teachers serving six million students are using ReadWorks, a research-based, Common Core-aligned free reading comprehension program for grades K-6.

ReadWorks helps K-6 teachers through five pillars:

  • A research-based curriculum that provides teachers with specific and measurable learning objectives
  • Interactive reading comprehension units and lessons
  • Gradual release of responsibility methodology, in which the teacher models comprehension while releasing responsibility to the student through guided practice and independent work
  • Lessons that introduce vocabulary words for teachers and language for directly introducing the new vocabulary to students
  • Lessons incorporating background knowledge development

In addition to hundreds of lessons featuring fiction texts, ReadWorks provides over 1,000 Lexile-leveled non-fiction passages with research-based question sets for grades K-6. For more information or to sign-up for the ReadWorks curriculum, visit www.ReadWorks.org.

ReadWorks is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that delivers lesson plans directly to teachers online, at no cost to educators or their schools.



Hundreds of Thousands of Teachers Tackle Reading Comprehension Crisis With Free, Research-Based Curriculum From ReadWorks

Six Million K-6 Students Nationwide Develop Reading Skills Requisite for High School Graduation, College and Careers With Proven ProgramNEW YORK – April 10, 2013 – As schools and districts look for solutions that will help their students build the reading comprehension skills requisite to meet the Common Core State Standards and other rigorous learning goals, more than 300,000 teachers serving six million students in all 50 states around the country already have the answer. They are using ReadWorks, a proven research-based, Common Core-aligned program for grades K-6 that improves teacher effectiveness and raises student achievement in reading comprehension.

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Authored by Dr. Alison Davis, Internationally Recognized Literacy Researcher, New Resource Supports Common Core State Standards TEMECULA, Calif. – Oct. 31, 2012 – Forty-five states are in the midst of implementing the new Common Core State Standards, which emphasize reading “informational,” or nonfiction, texts across subject areas. To support this critical U.S. education initiative, Okapi Educational Publishing today launched “Explorations Strategies for Comprehension for informational texts,” a new and flexible resource to teach comprehension strategies. Complementary to any reading program, this new resource teaches students in grades 2-5 the six strategies for reading comprehension, providing a firm foundation in the literacy skills necessary to read and understand informational texts.