Ed Tech Idea Challenge grant winners selected

The Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI), Turning Technologies and Turning Foundation, have chosen two winners for the first-annual Ed Tech Idea Challenge:

Branching Minds (New York City, NY)

Branching Minds will receive the $20,000 grant award along with guidance and support from the selection committee. They plan to create an online tool and mobile application that will help parents and educators to assess and identify a child’s learning needs, and then connect users to strategies and high-quality services that will address these learning difficulties. The model for Branching Minds’ technology platform is conceptually based on the popular WebMD Symptom Checker and will help provide a similar informal diagnosis of learning challenges and suggest strategies tailored for individual users.

Adaptive Learning System for Students with Autism (Youngstown, OH)

Adaptive Learning System for Students with Autism (ALSS-A) has been invited to apply as a portfolio company with the Youngstown Business Incubator and potentially can receive support and resources directly from YBI to develop their business. The software application is designed to facilitate the collection, analysis and representation of data for improving student learning, and end-user selection of appropriate practices and interventions to address student specific learning needs and preferences.