eBook provides support for school leaders in planning technology initiatives - Tech Learning

eBook provides support for school leaders in planning technology initiatives

A new eBook from Atomic Learning highlights why planning for a technology initiative must go beyond buying the hardware.
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“Most professional development offered by schools is focused on pedagogy or content; however, for an initiative to be successful, understanding of technology and how to integrate the three is vital.” 

This excerpt is from a new eBook by Atomic Learning which highlights why planning for a technology initiative must go beyond buying the hardware. The eBook outlines several different approaches for school leaders to model their technology initiatives after.

To learn more,download the free eBook at http://al.atomiclearning.com/techebook



Create Teaching & Learning Initiatives Supported by iPads vs. iPad Initiatives Alone

A recent THE Journal article entitled Stop Buying iPads, Please discusses the popularity of iPads in education, and questions whether these schools and districts buying the iPads have a plan a place for the devices. "Let's create and publicize initiatives in teaching and learning that are supported by professional development, new curricula, authentic assessment, and yes, technology—along with all the other tools we know are part of true and lasting change in education." Enter Atomic Mobilize, a repository of online professional development resources and planning tools focusing on helping educators realize the full potential mobile devices provide in the classroom. Atomic Mobilize includes not only PD and planning tools, but also stories, examples and resources from fellow educators that illustrate how mobile devices can transform education and create highly personalized learning experiences for students. Learn more.

Atomic Learning Provides Critical Technology Integration Training to Support McAllen ISD Mobile Initiative

To assist in the distribution and usage of more than 22,000 mobile devices, McAllen Intermediate School District (ISD) in Texas has utilized Atomic Learning resources to train its educators and students on using the technology. A challenge-based learning initiative, Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community, empowers McAllen students to leverage the latest technologies and learn 21st-century skills. McAllen’s subscription to Atomic Learning provides educators with step-by-step tutorials that propel classroom instruction, including project-based training, tech integration projects, tech skills assessments, and workshops on trending tech topics.

Checklists for Planning a Technology Initiative

from Educators' eZine --> Recently, I was working with my Technology for School Leaders graduate students on planning for technology. I prompted the students to develop a Planning Technology Initiative. Below is a summary

FundingFactory Supports School Technology End-of-Life Management Plans

According to a 2012 survey of FundingFactory participants, 60 percent of school technology coordinators do not have an end-of-life management plan for tablets or mobile devices being used in the school. Even more, it is estimated that approximately 70 percent of mobile devices used in classrooms across the country will only last between two and five years. FundingFactory, the nation's largest fundraising by recycling program for schools and nonprofits, urges school technology staff members to take the lead within their districts, and set an example for students and the community, by establishing an end-of-life management plan for technology.