Software analyzes hand-written assignments

Researchers at the Xerox Research Center Webster have designed the Xerox Ignite™ Educator Support System, a software solution that pushes hand-marked student work (on paper today or on tablets tomorrow) into the digital analytics domain.

Teachers can scan students’ homework and assessments into the Ignite system via a range of Xerox multifunction devices. The software analyzes the students’ work in minutes and gives results in the form selected by the user:

  • An “at a glance” class summary that shows who needs extra help in what areas and who is ready to move on.
  • A “context” report showing how each skill for each student is growing over time.
  • A grade-level performance report that helps third-grade teachers share best practices and cluster students into learning groups.
  • A student feedback report that tells each student what he/she needs to work on.