Conceptua Math announces grade 3-5 rollout

Conceptua Math today announced the rollout of a comprehensive digital mathematics curriculum for grades 3-5. Conceptua will launch grades 3-5 curriculum units in a staged release over the next two school years.

Conceptua Math delivers online, visual and conceptual math curriculum to both students and teachers. The program is organized into month-long Big Ideas, units that are Common Core aligned and designed to foster deep conceptual understanding. Daily lessons include Openers and Closers, which are teacher-facilitated classroom discussions that employ interactive whiteboards or other front-of-the-room technologies. Students log in to Guided Lessons where they receive visual instruction and practice through Adaptive Teaching.

The grades 3-5 curriculum includes the already completed Conceptua Fractions content and adds whole number operations, place value, measurement, geometry, and data analysis. New visual models, a Conceptua specialty, will include arrays and number lines for multiplication and division, base ten blocks for place value, Singapore bar models, Geoboards, and more.