Today's Newsletter: Report From InfoComm13

Nothing earth shattering to report so far from Infocomm13 in Orlando, FL. Any improvements to the AV gear marketed to schools is incremental. One general positive theme—manufacturers are trying to make their stuff smarter so that they are easier to operate in a classroom. For instance, Hitachi introduced the CP 3LCD line of projectors, which offer network compatibility via wired or optional wireless connection (via a USB wireless adapter). Panasonic also aims to end those awkward presentation pauses with its new wireless projector series. The AMX Enzo solution is a software-based meeting management solution that aims to end the endless search for dongles. One new, interesting technology so far— The Triton Data Collection System is comprised of three components: Triton Web, Triton Receiver with Proctor Application, and the ResponseCard NXT clicker. The clickers replace paper bubble sheets, offering immediate data collection via a secure, closed radio frequency network. Hoping that today, one of these companies offers me one of these sweet new displays to review at home! —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director