Hyundai and Mind Research Institute partner to improve math education

Hyundai Motor America and the nonprofit MIND Research Institute today announced a partnership aimed at improving math education for thousands of high-need elementary school students across the country. The two organizations launched the Hyundai ST Math Initiative at the US News STEM Solutions national conference in Austin, Texas.

Hyundai will offer grants to 15 low-income, high-needs elementary schools in New York, Chicago, Spring, Texas and Pinellas, Florida, to provide access to the ST Math instructional software, teacher training and ongoing educational support from MIND Research.

The ST Math instructional software introduces math concepts via visual puzzles, with symbols and words appearing later, making the program equally accessible and challenging for all students, regardless of language proficiency. Following a blended learning model, students learn at their own pace with ST Math in computer labs, then their teachers connect the puzzles to math concepts in the classroom lessons.