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Califone unveils new jackbox

Califone International, Inc. has launched its first jackbox for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®.
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CalifoneInternational, Inc. has launched its first jackbox for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®.

The new six-position jackbox (1206i) enables up to six students to listen to lesson content at the same time without disrupting others.

The jackbox is compatible with all 30-pin iPad, iPhone and iPod models for sitting in the cradle of the docking station (iPad 1-3 models, iPhone models through the 4S and up to third generation iPod models). All current models (iPad 4, iPhone 5 as well as fourth and fifth generation iPods) can be used with a separate Lightning® connection (not included).

When connected to power through its Y-cord, the 1206i also functions as an iPad/iPhone/iPod docking station. Plans are underway to consider an Android™ version.

The 1206i Jackbox was introduced at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando (June 12-14) and will be showcased at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio (June 24-26).



Califone Unveils New Jackbox

As mobile-based learning activities in classrooms and libraries continue to grow, so does the need for distributed audio to select students through connected headphones. To meet this growing demand, Califone announces the launch of the first jackbox for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®. The 1206i Jackbox enables up to six students to listen to lesson content at the same time without disrupting others. This privacy feature makes the jackbox an extremely flexible tool, able to facilitate differentiated learning, literacy exercises, read-alongs and language learning applications, citing just a few examples of audio-based activities in today’s classrooms.

Califone Releases Speaker to Support Mobile Learning

Califone International, Inc., announces the launch of its first speaker developed exclusively for iPad® and iPhone®. The PA-MBiOS speaker is designed with students in mind, projecting a clear, crisp, classroom-filling sound for improved listening. It enables whole class and group learning activities, and supports tablet and mobile learning initiatives. Educators can use the speaker to enhance iPad® audio from a Google Hangout®, iTunes Radio®, a virtual field trip or a streaming podcast from iTunes U®.