Califone unveils new jackbox

CalifoneInternational, Inc. has launched its first jackbox for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®.

The new six-position jackbox (1206i) enables up to six students to listen to lesson content at the same time without disrupting others.

The jackbox is compatible with all 30-pin iPad, iPhone and iPod models for sitting in the cradle of the docking station (iPad 1-3 models, iPhone models through the 4S and up to third generation iPod models). All current models (iPad 4, iPhone 5 as well as fourth and fifth generation iPods) can be used with a separate Lightning® connection (not included).

When connected to power through its Y-cord, the 1206i also functions as an iPad/iPhone/iPod docking station. Plans are underway to consider an Android™ version.

The 1206i Jackbox was introduced at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando (June 12-14) and will be showcased at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio (June 24-26).