MimioCapture Ink Recorder upgrades

Mimio, developer of the MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies, has updated its MimioCapture™ ink recorder, making it portable and integrating its ink-capture functionality with the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard.

When teachers use the MimioCapture recorder’s four dry erase Expo® pens to create multicolor notes and pictures on MimioTeach or MimioBoard™ interactive whiteboards, the system automatically saves the writing and images in color to the computer for reuse, student handouts or future editing. When users switch between the marker pens and the interactive whiteboard stylus, the system will recognize which tool they are using. The updated MimioCapture recorder includes a portable desktop charging station for recharging of the pens and accompanying eraser. Teachers plug the charging station into a computer with a USB connection.

Additionally, the MimioCapture recorder now comes with a magnetic pen and eraser holder, which is designed to adhere to any steel surface. The holder includes 3M® strips and metal plates, so that it can be attached to non-magnetic surfaces, as well.

The MimioCapture recorder converts handwriting into font-based text so that teachers can save, edit and print their whiteboard notes in a variety of formats.

The MimioCapture package includes a table-top recharging station, magnetic pen and eraser holder, rechargeable eraser, and four rechargeable dry erase markers. Current MimioCapture users who want to move from the charging tray model to the new tabletop model can do so by ordering the desktop charger and the wall-mount pen holder.