Edgenuity announces new interactive courses

Edgenuity today announced the release of twelve new courses, including math and English language arts courses designed to meet the Common Core State Standards and science, social studies, and career courses. Available for the fall semester, the new courses integrate multimedia content and emphasize analytical problem-solving skills; most are tablet compatible.

New features include:

  • Primary source documents and videos such as economic discussions from the Federal Reserve, past and current presidential speeches, and oral histories from immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island;
  • Real-world activities that allow students to serve as a city planner, nutritionist, and Supreme Court justice;
  • Interactive performance tasks like examining the time-height graph of a ride on a Ferris wheel or analyzing the water levels in a river;
  • Argumentative and informative writing assignments, including writing blog entries and yearbook pages, developing public service announcements, and crafting commentary on legal documents, essays, political cartoons and other secondary sources;
  • Interactive math tools, offering interactive graph building and geometry modules as well as a comprehensive online graphing calculator; and
  • Virtual science labs, giving students practice with experiments, simulations, and scientific analysis.

To further engage and support students, the Edgenuity platform integrates digital tools such as the eNotes digital notebook, lesson Transcripts, Glossary, and the CloseReader™.