Today's Newsletter: Sounding Off On Ed Tech

Some strong opinions today on the Tech&Learning newsfeed: Denise Restauri at Forbes interviews Amanda Gillespie, a STEM educator in Ohio’s Canton City School district, who is a strong proponent of mobile learning: “These technologies can level the playing field in my classroom, and give children from families of all economic backgrounds an opportunity to learn in the same way and compete on a more even level.” Next is Laura Deighton in the UK’s Guardian newspaper promoting the use of traditional literacy skills even in the age of autocorrect: “We are all aware that Google helpfully pops us with 'Did you mean x?' when we make a simple typo. However, this isn't a failsafe tool.” Finally, Myra Blackmon at OnlineAthens (GA) is tired of the old tech replacing teachers whine: “I’m infuriated when people suggest we are turning over the actual teaching function to computers. Quite the contrary, the teacher becomes more important than ever in designing the lesson, monitoring, guiding and yes, teaching, using the vast array of resources available.” Sound off yourself by sending us your opinions. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director