Program to help struggling readers meet CCSS launched

McGraw-Hill Education today announced the launch of McGraw-Hill Reading WonderWorks, an intervention program for struggling readers in Grades K-6 that was built to address the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Reading WonderWorks, which supports Reading Wonders, McGraw-Hill Education's Common Core reading program, was designed to help students who are reading below grade level develop reading, writing and analytical skills required by the new standards so that they can read at grade level by the following year.

For students in younger grades (K-1), the program emphasizes developing and reinforcing foundational skills from the Reading Wonders program (phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency, oral vocabulary) that are crucial for developing proficient readers as defined by the Common Core State Standards. For older grades (2-6), the program's focus shifts to addressing higher level skills (practicing close reading, accessing the meaning of complex text, analytical writing) that are level-appropriate but still maintain the complexity that students are required to master.

The program will also include Reading Wonders Adaptive Learning, a system developed in conjunction with Area9 that will continually assess a student's knowledge and skills and provide them with a personalized learning path.

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