Mixed Content Student Network Announced from Copia and Neebo

Neebo, Inc. today announced a partnership with Copia Interactive, LLC, provider of a socially driven digital content platform. This partnership will allow Neebo to offer a customized, interactive solution for students and educators. The new solution, coined the Neebo®Student Network™, will include Neebo-integrated virtual classrooms, collaborative online communities, and an interactive digital reader. The solution includes note taking, discussion boards, student and faculty interaction tools and the ability for educators to implement quizzes and other assessment methods for individuals or groups of students. Through the Neebo Community, students and faculty can create exclusive groups to interact with each other around any topic, including content, courses and/or schools.

For more information, visit http://www.nebook.com. For more on Copia Interactive, LLC visit http://www.thecopia.com.