Discovery Education Partners to Add Content

Discovery Education announced today it has expanded content partnerships producers, including MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, BBC Worldwide, and Rand McNally.

Though a partnership with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Discovery Education introduces Global Wrap, a summary of the week’s news from across the globe. Developed for a middle school audience, Global Wrap presents a series of short reports to help make complex news stories easier to understand.

With an emphasis on differences and commonalities across geographic regions and cultures, the Discovery Channel/BBC mini-series Human Planet is also now available on both Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Social Studies Techbook platforms.

Discovery Education has partnered with Rand McNally to create a global map and flag series that features an extensive collection of 196 country maps, 39 global and regional maps and 193 world flags.

A student-produced documentary series, BYkids presents stories from today’s teens’ perspectives, while inspiring and empowering the viewer to share their own story.

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