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Best edtech writing of 2013

Best edtech writing of 2013

In preparation for Tech&Learning’s December awards issue (see last year’s here) and January future trends issue (see last year’s here), we have foraged through our collected bookmarks to find this year’s best writing about education technology—stories that summarize and analyze the transformation of how we teach and learn. Three candidates here: New York Times and “No Child Left Untableted”, Wired Magazine and “How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses”, and Orion magazine and “The Science of Citizenship, What’s at stake when schools skimp on science?” Do you have any contenders? Leave them here and we’ll add them to the mix.

And more candidates for the best edtech writing of 2013: The Atlantic highlights a huge E-Rate sticking point: Bandwidth to America’s schools is one thing, proper wireless access is quite another. Then there is Diane Ravitch’s work throughout this year, which we felt deserved her inclusion in this year’s Tech&Learning’s Most Influential list. Likewise, Audrey Watters at Hack Education always post insightful analysis that pulls no punches. She is working through her own end-of-year list of top trends right now.

—Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director