Today's Newsletter: Interview with Salman Kahn

At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I took pleasure with this Forbes’ headline yesterday: Salman Khan, The Most Influential Person In Education Technology. After all, we knew that before it was cool, when we named him one of our most influential edtech leaders way back in June, 2011. The interview is insightful as to Kahn’s current thinking, especially in the wake of the current and inevitable backlash that occurs in the wake of disrupting tech innovation. My favorite takeaway from Khan: “The physical classroom should be changed such that learning is not as passive an experience as it has been traditionally. Students shouldn’t just be listening to a lecture; they should be interacting with peers; they should be working at their own pace; they shouldn’t be isolated from people who are more advanced than they are or people who are less advanced than they are. We ought to use these as opportunities to mentor other people and be mentored by others.” Can’t argue with that. Or can you? —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director