Today's Newsletter: Teaching Information Literacy

Guest post — Steven M. Baule, Ed.D, Ph.D. Superintendent of North Boone CUSD 200, IL:

Information literacy was a one of the popular educational phrases of the 1990s. The ability to critically evaluate information has not lessened; however, the focus on standardized testing seems to be pushing critical thinking skills out of the forefront except where they can be tested. Today, information literacy is still a critical factor for students who are going to navigate our information-rich world. The American Library Association has current information literacy skills for students at both the K-12 level and for higher education. Route 21 provides another great set of information literacy skills along with resources to support instruction in those areas. Actively Learn, November Learning, and SOS for Information Literacy also provide a range of supporting resources to help teach information literacy. How are you teaching information literacy in your school?