New Portfolio of “Connected Classroom” Solutions Showcased at Bett 2014

At Bett 2014 Promethean has announced a new suite of educational technology, content development & teacher training solutions.

The new Promethean portfolio is structured into four core streams:

1. Interactive Lesson-Plan Development & Delivery Platforms - connect interactive learning content to a wide array of classroom technologies and devices

ClassFlow™ is a cloud-based classroom management tool that allows teachers to create lessons, deliver interactive content across multiple devices, and assess student understanding.

2. Digital Classroom Surface Systems

ActivWall™ is an interactive surface positioned “front and back” in the classroom and supporting differentiated pen (i.e. the system identifies whether the contact is a pen or touch and operates accordingly) and up to 20 simultaneous touches.

ActivBoard™ Touch - For Bett 2014, Promethean is showcasing the new 6-touch ActivBoard 2.0 suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux that will be available for shipment in Q1 2014. The ActivBoard Touch is available in two sizes: 78” and 88”, providing 4:3 or 16:10 aspects respectively.

ActivPanel™ Touch is available in two sizes: 65” and 70”, though Promethean will be adding a smaller 55” format and a larger 84” unit by April 2014. Each ActivPanel Touch provides a full HD (1080p) display with LED backlighting

3. Individual student assessment & response systems

Promethean and KUNO™ announce a new education tablet learning system, the Promethean KUNO, available for schools in the U.S. The Promethean KUNO 9.7” tablet system is compatible with most district curriculum, software, and applications.

ActivEngage2™ is a software-based student response system for use in schools that have invested in 1-to-1 laptop initiatives, computer labs, tablets or mobile handheld devices or those with Bring-Your-Own-Device initiatives. ActivEngage2 uses existing devices to provide real-time data and feedback for teachers and students.

4. Customizable teacher training & development programs

Each professional development course includes a pre-consultation session with a Teaching and Learning Consultant to determine the needs of each individual school/district and the best course of action when delivering content.

Promethean’s new portfolio of “Connected Classroom” solutions will be showcased at Bett 2014 through an actual classroom experience and modeled by students and teachers.