Software Provides Greater Control over Connected Mobile Devices

Aerohive Networks® today announced the Aerohive Mobility Suite, a cloud-enabled mobility management solution which extends management and control over a spectrum of clients, from transient guests to company-issued devices.

Mobility Suite Components:

  • ID Manager
    ID Manager provides self-service portals and kiosk-based guest registration as well as simplified delivery of access credentials via SMS, email, and even Twitter Direct Messaging.
  • Client Management
    With the Client Management application, an IT administrator can onboard and provision corporate-issued and BYO devices with unique client credentials, ensuring the security of corporate resources.
  • Advanced Mobile Device Management Partnerships
    When enterprises require even more control over devices and content on those devices, including application management and securing corporate content, the Aerohive Mobility Suite also includes partnerships with leading mobile device management (MDM) vendors such as AirWatch and JAMF Software.