Multi-Touch and Active Pen Technology Selected for Education Tablet

N-trig®, provider of DuoSense® integrated active pen and multi-touch technology, today announced that Intel® Corporation has implemented the DuoSense controller chipset into its Intel® Education Tablet, a device for the education market. The Android tablet features N-trig’s thin active pen, designed to garage within the 10.1” screen system.

N-trig’s pen facilitates student interactivity across a range of subjects, including:

·Language Arts: Elementary school students can use the pen to practice their letters, while middle and high school students take notes and complete homework directly onto the screen. The palm rejection feature allows students to rest their hands naturally on the surface while writing, just as they would when putting pen on paper.

·Mathematics/Science: Students can input mathematical characters used in algebra, geometry and calculus, as well as figures related to chemistry, physics, and biology.

·Art: With 256 distinct levels of pressure sensitivity, the pen is designed for drawing and sketching in multiple colors, shades and styles.

·Music and Complex Characters: The pen can be used by students of all languages, and also for writing complex musical notation.