Today's Newsletter: All About The Money

It’s all about the money lately. With the lead up to SXSWedu next week in Austin, TX, the Tech&Learning newsfeed reminds us a bit of the dotcom boom of the 1990s. Fortune Magazine looks at Google and the $40 million investment in student evaluation software company Renaissance Learning. Fortune also posts an interesting piece speculating upon whether or not there is an edtech bubble. The story tallies around $600 million venture capitol money going into ed-tech startups in 2012, about four times as much as 2002. Big money blogger Aron Solomon tries to keep it real by calling out the false gods of tech : “We should all support anything that helps reallocate and refocus teachers’ time, but investments such as these need to be matched with investments in pedagogy, personalization, curriculum mapping, and more. In other words, the much harder stuff of the education world. This is the part of the recipe that takes effort to perfect, capital to build, time and trust for the market to adopt.” I couldn’t agree more. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director